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Social Dreaming Matrix IAGP ogni martedì

Ogni martedì alle ore 9.00 si tiene un incontro via Zoom di Social Dream Matrix condotto da Maurizio Gasseau. L’incontro si tiene in lingua inglese in quanto è un incontro internazionale promosso da IAGP.
Per partecipare è necessario scaricare zoom e scrivere a:
Eccone il manifesto:
“We believe in Dreams, and Connections in groups like us. Dreams can accompany our life and help grow our destiny in this collective trauma of Covid19. 
In this Social Dreaming Matrix more than 70 colleagues meet on Zoom and share dreams and free associations to dreams, every session from more of 25 countries – India, Bangladesh, Brasil, France, Spain, Italy, Palestine, Turkey, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Germany, SouthAfrica, Finland, Argentina, Egypt, Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, UK, Holland, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and others countries -.We will wait for you !
IAGP develops several Education Projects, like 10 on line intervision/peer supervision groups, training on group psychotherapy and group processes in India, Palestina, Tunisia; Webinars and new on line projects ( 
We will have sessions of SOCIAL DREAMING MATRIX every Tuesday at 9.00 am Rome Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna time , following the ideas of Gordon Lawrence, until 10.00 pm. This it will be a IAGP network project for IAGP members and not members, with free participation. This is a recurring meeting that can host up to 500 participants. The language will be broken English. 
You can join to SDM when you like, of course Social dreaming Matrix will have a process, session by session, and it is necessary when you decide to join, to join from the beginning of the session. I will open the Zoom meeting always at 8.45am Rome time to give you the possibility to open the connection on